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Good chance to learn about Korean language and culture

Hello☺️ This is Greg Jeon, native Korean speaker originally from Seoul. 

✍️I'd like to offer you a good chance to learn about Korean language and culture, also to improve your skills. 

✍️Things I care: 

        - Your interest is the most powerful motivation, I will help you not to lose it

        - Engaging in our conversation to encourage you and to make you feel excited to learn

        - Understand your weak points and turn it into your strengths

        - Creating a friendly and comfortable vibe to bring up your infinite potential as much as possible 

✍️Brief info about myself:

        - Majored in General Medicine in Budapest.

        - Worked as a private Korean tutor for adults 

        - Also, a private English, mathematics and science (biology, chemistry, physics) tutor for high school           students, and a part time teacher in an elementary school.

✍️ Unfortunately, my Polish is so bad that it's better to communicate in English. Also, I have to tell you that I'm here in Warsaw only until February, so I can offer offline lessons until February. But, we can continue the lessons online afterwards if you'd like to.

✍️ Online: PLN 70/hour, PLN 100/1.5hour, PLN 120/2hours

     Offline: PLN 85/hour, PLN 120/1.5hour, PLN 150/2hours

    *The first 1hour will be an orientation, free of charge.

✍️ I'm looking forward to helping you out with learning Korean language and to sharing both of our culture as well😊

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask👍

ps You are always welcome to have zero database about Korea.